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How durable is the solid rubber tire?

Date: 2021-04-07

As we all know, compared with pneumatic tires, the development of solid tires has its own unique features. Because the carcass is solid, it can have higher load-bearing requirements, puncture resistance, no maintenance, and relatively high wear resistance. What are the important factors that will be affected by the analysis?

1. Parameters

Every Chinese tire company has its dimensions and parameters, such as outer diameter, inner diameter, and cross-sectional data width. The load of solid tires corresponding to different sizes and parameters will be different, and the service life will also be different. Before purchasing an automobile tire company, it is recommended to communicate with the manufacturer or seller about the parameters of the tires purchased, the carrying management capabilities, etc., to ensure that the student's later service development process is not overloaded, and to ensure a longer network life.

2. Use environment

Under different conditions, such as concrete floor on the platform, indoor floor, outdoor filled with sharp stones, etc., how long it can be used, the service life of solid tires will be different.

3. Continuous working time

When the solid tires are operated continuously for a long time, the use of different time and frequency can also affect the service life of the company's solid tires. The length will be the strength of the solid tires at 24 hours and the continuous high-load operation of the staff only 8 hours per day. Very tired with different.

In addition, the life of a solid tire will be affected by many important factors, such as ambient temperature, whether it can be exposed to chemicals, solid tire formula, manufacturing process, etc.

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