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Solid rubber tires for mining

Date: 2021-04-07

With the emerging development of the global economy, while the global demand for mineral resources continues to grow, the demand for mining equipment is also growing. Although the mine’s operating conditions remain basically unchanged, it requires more equipment and higher efficiency. Frequent tire replacement leads to downtime, which will greatly reduce operational efficiency, increase costs and loss of revenue. Therefore, the operational stability of tires is currently a rigid demand for industrial solid tires.

Under normal working conditions, pneumatic tires installed in heavy equipment are at risk of puncture. In some special engineering applications, especially underground mining, the advantages of solid tires are obvious to all. Solid tires are puncture-resistant and are made of a highly abrasion-resistant rubber compound. Generally speaking, the service life of solid tires is three to five times longer than that of conventional pneumatic tires. Moreover, since there is no risk of tire blowouts, solid tires significantly improve operational safety.

Large-scale earth and stone mining in mines can produce chaotic soil and tumbling rocks. Even with hard-tread underground mining tires, the continuous wear and tear caused by driving on rough rock surfaces may cause the tire tread to crack-it is the rough ground and jagged rocks that cause the tread to crack, cut, tear and partially The process of tread falling off. Solid mining tires made of high-quality compounds (such as high-quality natural rubber/carbon black mixtures) are chip-resistant and chip-resistant, preventing rock damage and rough use, thereby ensuring tire life, cost-effectiveness and operators Security is significantly improved.

 The solid tire for mining uses an advanced three-layer structure design. By using elastic rubber compound in the middle layer of the tire, the elasticity of the tire can be improved, and the best resilience and shock absorption can be provided, thereby making the ride more comfortable. In addition, the tread pattern of solid mining tires is much deeper than that of pneumatic tires. The tread depth of 17.5-25 super solid tires is 150 mm (6 inches), which increases the amount of wear and thus extends the service life.

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